Newsletter #49

PR Geniuses, Moment That Changed Our Trajectory, Crypto Miners Are Killing Free CI, Mighty’s Master Plan, Next Web, Brex’s OOH Strategy, From Webpack to Vite, and Selling Your Startup

Happy May, everyone. Here’s to another productive month!

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Fantasy Angel Fund #1

$3M fantasy angel fund - $50K checks - 60 seed-stage startups - * new check

  1. 1v1Me*

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PR Geniuses

Moment That Changed Our Trajectory

“In just a couple of hours we had gone from thinking TaxJar may not get off the ground to pure excitement. Dare I say optimism. We had our first investor (we would end the day with two). We had terms we could take to other investors. We could hire our first employee. And we promised each other we’d only laugh about that lunch at Chipotle when we thought about it in the future.

Our angel’s investment is worth many times more than what he paid, and those investors who told us they’d take the lead on our round would kick themselves if they ever knew exactly how much their $250 thousand would be worth today.

Most entrepreneurs can relate to that day. Most days are hard, but every once in awhile something unexpected like a check for $50 thousand from someone who believed in you changes the trajectory of a business forever. Kevin and I tell that story often. And every time we do we have a smile on our faces.”

Crypto Miners Are Killing Free CI

“On September 1st, 2020, GitLab announced that their free CI offering was being restricted in response to "usage." Two months later, TravisCI announced that a similar restriction in response to "significant abuse."

Concurrently with these pricing changes, the market capitalization of mineable cryptocurrencies has exploded.

These events are related: As the market capitalization of cryptocurrency surged from $190 billion in January of 2020 to $2 trillion in April of 2021, it's become profitable for bad actors to make a full time job of attacking the free tiers of platform-as-a-service providers.”

Mighty’s Master Plan

“In summary, our master plan is:

  • Create a browser that reduces the need to upgrade your computer

  • Drastically improve computers in the cloud using modern advances in networking & elastic infrastructure

  • Replace expensive physical computers with low powered inexpensive ones to achieve multi-day battery life

  • While doing so, improve worldwide latency of the Internet”

Next Web

“PG once wrote that hacking today was like painting during the pre-renaissance period. It started out awkward and two-dimensional, but in just a few generations we got the Sistene Chapel.

I was thrilled when I first read that. With how technology has taken over the world, one would think we’re at the tail end of this journey. But, when I reflect on how we hack today, all signs point to nascency.

Programming is still awkward: common solutions are frequently dogma 1 and most of out attention is spent solving problems unrelated to product. In fact, so much of our attention is spent on what shouldn’t matter, it begs the question: just what kind of productivity will we unleash in the future? Just what kind of experiences can we build?

One way to find out, is to attune ourselves to what shouldn’t matter today. Let’s start with web applications. Come with me on a journey of building one, and let’s catalog the pains along the way.”

Brex’s OOH Strategy

Why We Switched From Webpack to Vite

“Vite works by treating your source code and your dependencies differently. Unlike your source code, dependencies don't change nearly as often during development. Vite takes advantage of this fact by pre-bundling your dependencies using esbuild. Esbuild is a JS bundler written in Go that bundles dependencies 10-100x faster than JavaScript based alternatives like Webpack and Parcel.

It then serves your source code over native ES Modules, or ESM, which allows the browser to handle the actual bundling.

Finally, Vite supports HMR, which ensures only the relevant modules are replaced when a file is edited instead of rebuilding the entire bundle, which triggers a page reload and resets state. Unlike other bundlers, Vite performs HMR over native ES Modules which means it only needs to invalidate affected modules when a file is edited. This ensures that update times are consistently fast instead of scaling linearly as your application grows.”

Common Mistakes When Selling Your Startup

“Even with significant inbound interest, a startup acquisition has to beat long odds to succeed. Here are the most common mistakes to avoid during your acquisition process to give yourself the best chance of closing a deal.”